Buyer beware of Guess Clinic of Dr. Mohamed Guessous • They pay no attention to patients allergies they almost killed me.

IMG_0581When I when in for my cosmetic surgeries at the Guess Clinic of Dr. Mohamed GUESSOUS located at Boulevard de la Grande Ceinture Lot Salaj AIN DIAB CASABLANCA Morocco. I informed all the staff including both doctors Guessous and the anestisist that I was allergic to the penicillin. They still prescribed Augmentin a penicillin based antibiotic. Which has caused me a major reaction to the almost killed me.

I was on fire my skin pilled right of my body I had 3rd degree burns on 90% of my body and r. Guessous had no idea what was wrong. After 10 days of going back and forth from  and to the Guess clinic and 2 overnights at the clinic with treatment that did not correct anything  that I have decided to go see a dermatologist who told me that I was having an reaction to Augmentin which is a penicillin. She informed me that any nurse or Doctor at Guess clinic should have known better. She prescribed a bunch of crames that stopped the burning of my skin.  It took me 3 weeks of pain and suffering before I was able to sleep again with a cost of over 36 000,00 dhs in fees that I was never able to recover. Dr. Guessous is dangerous I found so many people on the web with similar experiences. Be carful not to become the next victim of dr. Mohamed GUESSOUS.

Voire: Ma Chirurgie avec Dr. Guessous, Une Enorme Erreur!


Infirmière qui me donne Augmentin sachant que j'ai indiqués mon allergie a la Pénicilline

Infirmière qui me donne Augmentin sachant que j’ai indiqués mon allergie a la Pénicilline •  Nurse handing me Augmentin a know Penicillin after I told her I was allergic to Penicillin I even have a video of me telling her so and her handing me this poison..

Dr. Mohamed Guessous loves money he literally doubled his prices in less than 2 years for the same work that most Plastic Sergeants in the country. All his nose jobs are done by other sergeants as he has no clue how to do one. He is a ripoff. I would not recommend this Dr. or his clinic to anyone. There are many clinics that do a better job for literally half of the cost.

He states that he is the only one that does breast implants with incisions under the arm pit. that is NOT true the other Dr. Jamal GUESSOUS does it well and better. He has of 10 years more experience long with another 10 other plastic sergeants that say that they do it.